Jay Sella Webmaster + Point-of-Contact [Volunteer]

Middlesex Beach Association

A Homeowners Association for a private community on the Eastern Shore with nearly 250 properties.


  • Implemented a mass communication service to reliably communicate with owners, sending 75 email campaigns with an average 75% engagement rate
  • Crafted and engineered a Hologram/QR Code Verification System, responsible for 5,000+ scans/year (during peak summer months)
  • Designed, marketed, and sold $6,300 worth of merchandise for a community fundraiser
  • Published 950+ ownership record changes resulting in a 62% increase in reliable homeowner communication channels
  • Carried out a complete overhaul of HOA's website
  • Served as a point-of-contact between the Board, employees, owners, and property management, handling 700+ inquiries


Webmaster + Point-of-Contact [Volunteer]

The Marketplace:

Designed + Sold Products [Fundraiser]

To enliven community spirit and generate revenue to lower HOA fees, I designed and sold Middlesex-themed apparel, umbrellas, and beach accessories. However, the team faced challenges from a limited digital presence and uncertain demand. This also resulted in the development of a website for people to view the products, reserve their purchases, and communicate with our group.



Designed + coded from scratch in the Washington, D.C. area.
Some icons made by various contributors via www.flaticon.com.

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